CRM(Customer Relationship Management) - Development

CRM (or) Customer Relationship Management is an application that is widely used in the organizations for maintaining the record of customers, customer interaction data, business information, vendors, access business information and the partnership relationship details. CRM application is widely using in the various service industries including sales, marketing, promotional industries, customer service centers , BPO , Business 2 business platform and technical support centers.

99webhelp Company offering services in CRM Development, CRM software development, CRM application Development and CRM management, we structured the CRM service from the initial development cycle to the final maintenance and testing.

We Work With The Fields Including

Banking And Financial Service

We work for various banking and financial sectors, our application is designed in a way to overcome authentic errors and endorse a proper channel to track out a flexible customer –relationship, resulting the service sector can enjoy the benefits such as improvisation of work efficiencies, effective time management, smooth financial dealing, monitoring the latest financial update and lower total cost ownership

Social CRM Management

Social CRM application is intended to track the activities and the customer conversation that are happened in various social networking sites.

Technical Support CRM

Our technical support (Call center) management CRM is functionalized for application management, customer relation management, case management, sales and marketing management., current updates, recent customer list management, Admin management, sale record management, Resource management and service management. The highlighted noteworthy features of this application is zero-error, easy data management and extremely designed in a user-friendly way.

Retail Sector

Our Retail CRM solutions help to gain the most effective retail marketing and compete in today’s online market. Retail CRM application displays you the whole details of the customers in a compactable window. Our Retail CRM application is integrated the customization feature where the users can catalog the customers on the basis of their service they intake. Our retail CRM application is easily adaptable in all the gadgets such as laptops, Tablets and various mobile platforms.

Insurance And Healthcare CRM

This CRM solutions structured in an innovated way to occur the better outcome and ensuring the transparent customer experience and helpful for easily tracking the patient’s details, insurance details, sale tracking, member services and the details about the claims and compensation services.

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