Why Do We Love WordPress?

  • WordPress has earned a reputation as the world's most popular blog engine, but it is also a very powerful web publishing tool or Content Management Systems (CMS)..
  • It allows many people to collaborate in publishing and aggregating the content for a website.
  • WordPress is Open Source software, which means that it is free. Even more importantly, it has an active community of developers with a major release every few months. WordPress is getting better and easier to use with every release..
  • WordPress is easy to extend and customize. There are thousands of plugins available that can run photo galleries, video and podcasts, polls, event managers, sophisticated dynamic forms, forums and e-commerce, amongst others..
  • WordPress looks great, with thousands of free themes available so that you can have a professional looking site out of the box..
  • WordPress is a pleasure to work with and to develop, especially compared to rival systems such as Drupal, Joomla and Movable Type.

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